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We all know soot as that fine black powder which can darken surfaces and stain just about anything, but for homeowners that enjoy burning wood and coal in their fireplaces it can be a dramatically more severe nuisance. The main … Readmore

Ever had to deal with a blocked chimney? The potential side effects are much worse than most people imagine, and you can take our word as a top chimney sweep Manchester-wide when we say you don’t want to have to … Readmore

Now we know the first thing you might think of when you hear chimney sweeping Manchester-wide is perhaps an image that’d look a little bit out of place in the modern day, but it’s definitely a service that’s just as … Readmore

Why carry out chimney sweeping? It’s a valid question, and the answer isn’t always obvious! The first and probably the most important reason behind the necessity of chimney sweeping, however, is definitely to do with safety as a fireplace simply … Readmore