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Chimney sweeping is an ancient art, with records stretching back all the way to the 16th century, and we have to admit that the name by itself does seem to conjure up the popular image of a little soot covered … Readmore

  We wouldn’t blame you for thinking it, but a professional chimney sweep Manchester-wide isn’t just there to clear your chimney when it’s blocked, or even clean it when it’s gotten far too dirty and hazardous. In fact, it many … Readmore

Your chimney takes a lot of punishment, and it’s more than you might think seeing as it’s well hidden and out of sight while you enjoy your fireplace. While you can’t exactly see what’s going on, materials and substances are … Readmore

So you’ve just moved house, and when you’re taking the first steps into your new property you see that old fireplace sitting unused, dormant and otherwise pretty sad. It might have a layer of dust from being neglected over the … Readmore