3 Tips for New Chimney Homeowners

Many of the homes in the UK were built in the 1800’s during the industrial revolution and, back then, having a chimney in your home was considered a necessity. Burning coal was how we kept our homes heated, cooked our food and even bathed. Without a chimney to remove all of the smoke and chemicals given off by coal, none of this would have been possible and we likely would not have advanced to the point in technology that we are at now. These days, new developments mean that newly built homes mainly include a chimney for decoration or do not have one at all. Despite this, there are still plenty of homes that do have a chimney. Here are a few tips for the new homeowner who have never had a working chimney before…

  1. Check for a chimney cap

When you move into your new home, remember to look up to your roof from the outdoors. If you see nothing but a pipe or a clay flue tile then you probably need a chimney cap. These have a lot of benefits and serve some important purposes, such as keeping unwanted animals out of the home and preventing rain from entering your property.

  1. Inspect the firebox

This is the part of a fireplace where the flames are contained and it has a large opening at the top which allows the gases to escape up into the flue. You should use a flashlight to look around and check for any cracks at the opening, see if there are any chunks of mortar missing and ensure the back wall is not sagging. If it is, you should probably call in the professionals.

  1. Get the chimney swept

A house which has just be sold may have been sat around for a while and with this come two important factors to consider. Firstly, it is impossible to tell when the chimney was last swept correctly and secondly, there may be animals or a build-up of dust inside the flue. Not removing either of these can lead to a potential chimney fire so it is best to get your chimney swept when you move into a new property.

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