Chimney Fire Facts

When you have a working chimney within your home that is used on a regular basis, it becomes your responsibility to ensure that it is operated under safe conditions. When a chimney is not regularly inspected and swept, it can lead to a whole host of different issues such as carbon monoxide poisoning, settling dust and of course, chimney fires! These are extremely dangerous and all measures should be taken to avoid one occurring. Here are a couple of facts you should know…

Most Chimney Fires are Undetected

A chimney which has a slow burning fire means that the fire is not receiving enough air to become a fully-fledged fire which means they occur without our knowledge and are only recognised during your next inspection, sometimes months later! Not only is this dangerous, it can cause structure damage or lead to a larger fire in the future.

Creosote is Dangerous

Many people, especially those who are new to chimney care, do not know the first thing about creosote however it is one of the most important things to watch out for due to it having the potential to start a chimney fire.

In short, creosote is a material that is left behind after you have done using your chimney. It is a residue which sticks to the inner walls of the flue, can be recognised by its flaky tar like texture and is highly combustible. Sweeping your chimney helps remove this however if it is allowed to build up then it can cause a dreaded and deadly chimney fire.

Now you know a few facts about them, it’s time to put all the precautions in place. One of the most important parts of preventing a chimney fire is ensuring that your chimney is swept regularly however this timeframe depends on what type of chimney you have, its age and a whole other range of factors. If you think your chimney could be in need of professionals, contact the best chimney sweep in Manchester today and speak to a member of the Pearson Sweep team!

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