Chimney Sweep Terminology

Whilst it is always best to hire a professional to deal with complicated chimney problems, the jargon that the experts tend to use can often be alienating. Here at Pearson Sweep we like to ensure that all of our clients feel included in their chimney sweeping which is why we have decided to use this blog to go over some of the most common terms that are used…

Carbon Monoxide: Often referred to as CO, this highly poisonous gas is given off as a by-product of incomplete combustion. It is incredibly dangerous because it is odourless, colourless and tasteless which makes it virtually impossible to notice without a carbon monoxide detector in place.
Damper: This is an aspect of a chimney that is located at the top and works by closing off the flue when it is not being used in order to prevent cold air from entering the home and warm air from leaving.
Flue: An inner passenger located inside the chimney that allows the gases to pass through so that they can be release into the atmosphere.
Masonry Chimney: A type of chimney design that is constructed using bricks or stone and lined with chimney flue liners. These are the most common types of chimney in old fashioned UK homes.
Soot: A soft and black material that is made up of carbon particle deposits. It is created due to the incomplete burning of organic matter, such as coal.
Thermal Expansion: A scientific term that explains the way that temperature changes inside a chimney flue cause the metal surfaces to expand in size.
Wood Stove: A specific and enclosed type of appliance that is made using a strong metal like steel or cast iron and is built to burn wood in an indoor environment.
Here at Pearson Sweep we understand how confusing our industry can be to those who are not used to the professional terminology which is why we try very hard to ensure that we help our clients understand what is going on as best as we can. To find out more information or enquire about a booking, get in contact with the best chimney Sweep in Manchester today!

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