Chimney Sweeping FAQ

Many homeowners who have a chimney inside their property are vaguely unaware of the necessities when it comes to having your chimney swept and this leads to many questions. Here are the frequently asked questions regarding chimney sweeping…

  1. Why do I need to have my chimney swept?

A chimney flue should be cleared in order to allow dangerous combustion gases to leave the home and enter the atmosphere outside. Regular cleaning of a chimney will ensure that the flue stays clear of bird’s nests and cobwebs as well as removing soot and creosote, as this helps to prevent the occurrence of a chimney fire.

  1. How often will a chimney need sweeping?

The frequency of chimney sweeping is dependent on many factors such as the type of fuel used, the appliance used, how long it is used, how often it is used and the type of chimney you own. As a guidance; chimneys that use wood and bituminous coal should be swept quarterly when in use, chimneys that use oil and gas should be swept once a year and chimneys that use smokeless fuels should be swept at least once a year.

  1. Does chimney sweeping make a mess?

Very rarely will chimney sweeping make a mess of your home. There are a number of techniques used in order to contain dust and our qualified chimney sweeps use brushes, vacuuming and covering sheets to ensure optimum cleanliness. Only in the case of blockages such as birds’ nests may it be difficult to contain dust.

Here at Pearson Sweep, we are experienced and professional chimney sweepers located in Manchester. Our aim to guarantee customer satisfaction and a perfect sweep in order to secure the safety of those living inside. Get in contact with the best chimney sweep Manchester has to offer today!

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