Chimney Sweeping Myths

Here at Pearson Sweep we like to think that we are the most experienced and qualified chimney sweeps around. After all, we certainly know what we are talking about when it comes to separating fact from fiction. In order to ensure that our readers don’t get stuck in a web of lies, we have decided to apply our knowledge to some of the most troublesome myths around! Read on to find out the truth once and for all…

Myth: Animals tend to avoid chimneys

Apart from chimney sweeping, it is not uncommon to get a call out due to an animal that has taken adventuring to the next level and now requires a rescue. Most of the time we are called out to deal with small birds and squirrels however it is not uncommon to find owls stuck there too! For some reason the idea of animals getting into a chimney has become a myth however it happens more than people think!

Myth: My chimney doesn’t need sweeping because I don’t use it often

Even if your chimney is used once or twice a year it is wise to have it swept on an annual basis. This is because those handful of uses allowed debris to build up along the walls of the flue and whilst it wont cause much of an issue, you will end up forgetting and one day realise that you haven’t had it swept for years and this can be incredibly dangerous.

Myth: The fire makes the room cooler instead of warmer

Since fires burn oxygen in order to be lit this is particularly true because is causes them to opt for the warmest oxygen in the room. With this said, you can prevent it from making your room cooler at first by installing a fireback to the fireplace which will bounce the warm air back into the room rather than disposing of it through the chimney.

Busting myths is definitely one of our specialities here at Pearson Sweep however we would much rather been sweeping your chimney and keeping homes safe and sound! After all, an un-swept chimney can result in a fire! To book in with one of our sweepers, get in contact with the best chimney sweep in Manchester and speak to a member of the team today!

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