Chimney Sweeping Timing

Chimneys were once a principal part of the home however due to modern adaptions, not many homes have them installed anymore. Thankfully, a large majority of the buildings within the UK were constructed during the industrial revolution meaning that their chimneys are still fully intact and operational. The question we want to answer here at Pearson Sweep is whether enough people know what care must be afford to their chimneys to ensure they are safe for use. Thankfully, we’ve put a blog together on just that…


It is vital that a chimney is swept on a regular basis in order to remove the build-up of soot that occurs over a certain period of time. This is done to ensure that the material creosote is not able to block the flue and prevent harmful gases like carbon monoxide from leaving your home.

How Often

The timings of a chimney sweeping depend on a lot of factors. If you use it regularly, you should have it inspected and swept at least once a year. On the other hand, there are certain types of chimneys that will require more frequent care so it is important that you check with your landlord or the previous home owner for further information.


There are many differing reports online that will contradict one another and tell you completely different times to have your chimney swept. In order to ensure you are getting factual information, always ask the fire service out of hours or a professional and certified chimney sweeping company. The Pearson Sweep team recommend that your chimney is swept during spring, summer or early autumn. This is because the colder months have either just ended or are about to begin and doing it during these months means you can remove all of the build up from the previous year.

As the best chimney sweep in Manchester, you can be sure that our services will give you peace of mind! Not only do we ensure that your chimney is safe to use, something that will be very important as the months get colder, but we also check for signs of damage or breakage so that it can be fixed before it becomes a major issue. For more information or to speak to a member of the team, contact Pearson Sweep today!

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