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Your chimney takes a lot of punishment, and it’s more than you might think seeing as it’s well hidden and out of sight while you enjoy your fireplace. While you can’t exactly see what’s going on, materials and substances are certainly building up over time, and that’s the part that you should be mindful of! One particularly hazardous material that can build-up in your chimney is creosote, as it’s a potentially flammable side product of incomplete combustion of the fuel you burn and one of the main causes of chimney fires inside of homes that neglect to realise the importance of calling a chimney sweep Manchester-wide.

Appearing as a black oily residue that’s formed as the smoke from your fire cools and condenses during its rise through your chimney, creosote can become as thick as several inches after regular use of your fireplace during a whole season, and therefore a huge problem not just for the risk that it poses but also for the significant impact it can have on the efficiency and health of your fireplace.

It’s a tremendously stubborn substance to remove even for the most experienced chimney sweep Manchester-wide, so the earlier you deal with the build-up, the better for it. Until it’s gone, any fire you light will be noticeably weaker and less efficient, consuming more fuel for much less warmth or looking actively stifled due to lack of a proper airflow, and you run the risk of a costly accident while your chimney and flue are blocked up. When this happens, it’s definitely time to get to the nearest phone and call in the most professional chimney sweep Manchester has to offer!

We here at Pearson Sweep have been the most reliable chimney sweep Manchester has to offer for a while now, so don’t wait to get in touch if our stand-out service sounds like the ideal thing for you and your chimney. You can find our contact details online, and our expert team will always be willing to answer any questions or queries. You won’t find a more dedicated chimney sweep Manchester-wide!



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