The Dangers of a Leaky Chimney

The purpose of a chimney is to remove dangerous and harmful gases from the home that occur as a result of combustion. Due to this, it can hard to see how leaks and rainwater could play a part in the kind of issues that affect how your chimney performs. After all, the biggest issues that can be potentially devastating include a build up of creosote, chimney fires and neglect. Here are a few of the dangers of a leaking chimney…

The Masonry

The masonry of a chimney is the stonework that surrounds the flue and it is made up of a range of different materials that can be affected by water in different ways. When water is able to make its way through the masonry and into places it shouldn’t be, it can cause a lot of damage to the inside of the chimney.

Types of Damage

Water that gets into the inside of a chimney causes a lot of damage that we don’t notice until it is too late. The first thing it will likely do is affect how efficient the chimney operates to the point where we investigate the cause of the malfunction. From that comes a whole range of different issues including:

  • Rust; some chimneys are made of metal on the inside and a continuous flow of water can cause the material to become corrosive over time. Sometimes the metal can be revived however most of the time it must be replaced.


  • Mould; as the most common result of moisture, mould can be a nightmare to get rid of, especially when you aren’t aware of it for a great deal of time. Mould spores can be quite dangerous and indoor dampness caused by a leaky chimney can lead to chronic health conditions.


  • Inefficiency: a chimney that is damaged due to water and leaks can cause a chimney to work at a limited efficiency and this means that it wont remove the harmful gases that are let off from burning a coal or wood fire in the home properly. As one may expect, this can lead to chest conditions and be quite dangerous.

Here at Pearson Sweep we believe that the only way to ensure that your chimney is in tip top condition is to ensure that you have it inspected and swept on a regular basis. After all, an unswept chimney is a potential fire risk and the last thing you want on top of that is the problems listed above! To organise your very own quality check, get in contact with the best chimney sweep in Manchester today!

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