Different Factors That Affect Chimney Draft

The chimney is more complicated than people assume which is why it is important that ensure that they are inspected on a regular basis by a licenced professional. After all, it is very unlikely that a homeowner will understand chimney draft in great detail. The chimneys’ main job is to take gases out of the home whilst also drawing air in for combustion and this process is knows as draft. In fact, there are many different factors that can affect it. Read on to find out more…

Air Movement

In order for air that is exiting through the chimney to be accounted for, there must be adequate air movement within a property. In fact, if a home is insulated very well, the air that is drawn in through the flue will begin to exceed the air that is entering the home and subsequently cause the entire house to depressurise. As a result, air will be drawn in from all available openings in a home, reducing the efficiency of a chimney draft.


In fact, for chimney draft to be as efficient as possible there should never be competition from other devices within a property. After all, if things like exhaust fans are removing air from the home, the chimney may not be able to overcome it which puts the draft at risk.

Chimney Design

When it comes to drafts, the chimney must be designed with the types of exhaust that is being emitted in mind. After all, every property owner wants their chimney to operate as efficiently as possible. The correct, size, height and construction should be in place as inadequate alternatives can contribute to draught problems.

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