Is it worth the hassle?

Although chimney sweeps have evolved over the years from the soot covered orphan boy, many still picture Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins singing and dancing on the rooftops rather flamboyantly. In fact, these days, many people tackle the task of cleaning the chimney themselves…

However, if a chimney is not correctly cleaned, it can lead to excess build-up of soot and cause blockages. On a similar note, if you cannot see far enough up the chimney, only a professional will be able to confirm the presence of a blockage. Overlooking an obstruction is a serious safety hazard and can lead to the release of poisonous gases and increases the risk of a chimney fire.

The DIY route of a chimney sweep also includes the routine maintenance such as examining the fireback regularly so see if it has sustained any damaged. Any cracks that appear will need to be patched up and maintenance such as this is vital to ensuring the chimney is effective and safe to use. Without the correct maintenance, the whole fireback may need to be replaced in the future, resulting in a costly sum.

To prevent such occurrences, its best to give to professions a call.

Sure, cleaning your own chimney can save you money however there will come a time where you come to the realisation that it’s better left to the professionals to prevent safety risks and health risk. That’s where we come in; Pearson Sweeps. Our motto: no mess, no fuss, just quality service.

If you’ve decided the DIY route isn’t for you, give the best Chimney Sweep Manchester has to offer, a call today!

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