Signs That Will Indicate That You Need Your Chimney Swept

Letting your chimney fall into disrepair is something none of us want, but unfortunately, with all the other things going on in our busy lives, sometimes it is something we tend to overlook.

We don’t often give our fireplaces and chimneys much thought throughout the year as long as they are doing their jobs. Yet the importance of a fully functioning chimney can never be understated.

All the noxious gases that are produced during the combustion of materials in your fireplace need to go somewhere, and if the chimney can’t provide a way out, those poisonous gases are going to make their way into your home.

Over time, chimneys can create a build up of soot and creosote, or be blocked by debris from cobwebs, dust and even animals. Having your chimney swept regularly is essential to keeping your chimney clear, which will prevent dangerous chimney fires and allow it to function at optimum efficiency.

But what are the warning signs you need to look out for to let you know that your chimney is due a sweep?

Smoke Fills The Room

Clogged chimneys become less and less effective the more they become blocked. If any quantity of smoke is making its way into your home, then you need to have your chimney cleared as soon as possible. Even a small amount of smoke being blown back into the room is an indication that it is starting to become blocked.

Bad Odours

When creosote builds up in the chimney it will produce odours even when the fire is not in use. This build up of soot and creosote creates a serious fire hazard as it can combust and cause a serious house fire at any time. Sweeping the chimney clears this unwanted ignition and prevents these fires from happening.

Tar Deposits

If you’ve noticed that there are thick black deposits of creosote around your stove, on the damper, of stuck to the chimney lining itself then it is time to call a professional chimney sweep as the problem may be quite far along.

Soot Dropping into the Fireplace

Soot collects in the chimney, and pieces can become dislodged by wind or debris, making blockages worse or even damaging the chimney or fireplace.

If you have noticed any of these occurring in your fireplace and feel you need a chimney sweep in the Manchester area, then contact Pearson Sweep today.



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