Signs Your Chimney Needs Inspecting

With the new year in full swing, there is no time like the present to have your chimney inspected by a licensed chimney sweep. After all, it is important to keep on top your maintenance duties in order to ensure that your chimney is in a safe enough condition for use. If you are unsure whether your chimney qualifies, the team here at Pearson Sweep have put together a few signs that can tell you when it might be time to give the professionals a call. Read on to find out moreā€¦


As a general rule, a chimney should be swept and inspected on an annual basis in order to ensure that it is fit for use. After all, this helps remove any build up of soot and finds any signs of damage that require immediate intervention. If you cannot recall the last time your chimney was inspected, it is time to contact the professionals. On the other hand, if you have recently moved into a new home with a chimney, it is advised that you have the chimney swept before you use it to be on the safe side.

Bad Odours

As we burn fuels like coal and firewood, a substance known as creosote starts to build up on the sides of the flue. Regular chimney sweeping helps to remove this substance and ensure that your property is not at risk of a chimney fire. With this said, if you do not keep on top of this requirement then you may notice that your home starts to smell like asphalt whenever you use your chimney. In fact, any bad odours are a sure sign that it is time to book in a chimney inspection.

Animal Noises

Although a chimney cap with mesh netting can prevent animals like birds or squirrels from finding their way into your flue and making a nest, a damaged one can give them free reign. As a result, you should always call the experts if you hear unusual noises coming from the inside of your chimney. After all, you may have an animal trapped inside your flue that cannot get out and chimney sweeps are trained to deal with these situations.

Regular maintenance and servicing are the best ways to keep your chimney in tip-top condition. After all, from creosote to animal nests, there are dozens of things that can affect the efficiency of your fire output and the safety of your chimney. To book in your first inspection of 2019, get in contact with the best chimney sweep Manchester has to offer and speak to a member of the Pearson Sweep team today!

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