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One of the ways you can help preserve the health of your chimney is by making sure that the fuel you’re burning is of the very top quality possible. This is to ensure that as little smoke as possible is produced,  significantly reducing the rate at which soot builds inside of your chimney and limiting the wear caused by the smoke itself so you won’t have to call a professional chimney sweep Manchester-wide as often!

While the coal burners among us can simply opt in for a smokeless product for a quick and simple solution to removing smoke from the equation, it’s a little more difficult for anyone looking to get a fire going using a more wooden solution. Even a slight mistake could mean you calling a chimney sweep Manchester-wide a little sooner than you might have before.

This is because logs in particular can be problematic if not stored correctly or if not properly dried in the first place, so it pays to make sure you’re confident that the wood you mean to burn has all the tell-tale signs of low moisture content. Dry logs which are ready to burn are much lighter in weight than normal logs and cracked at the ends, and they produce a hollow sound when knocked against. If your logs check all of those boxes, then there’s no need to worry!

Whether you opt in for smokeless coal such as anthracite or dried logs, however, your chimney is always going to feel the effects of a fire burning away. That’s why we here at Pearson Sweep are always on standby to provide our expert service wherever and whenever need us to, with a highly trained team of experts ensuring that we’re a chimney sweep Manchester-wide who will never let you down.

So why wait to pick up the phone and give us a call? It’s always wise to establish a routine schedule of maintenance even if you do burn smokeless coals or top quality logs, and as the most reliable chimney sweep Manchester has to offer we’d only be happy to help! Drop us an email or make a quick call via the details on our contact page, and we’ll soon be your number one chimney sweep Manchester-wide before you know it.

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