Steps For Cleaning A Chimney

Considering cleaning your chimney? Whether you choose a professional service or decide to tackle it by yourself, here are a range of different methods to maximise your cleaning; and enable you to get the best possible outcome.

Rod Method, Top Down

Firstly, there is the rod method, top down. This method requires you to be stood on the roof, insert the brush into the chimney. Your aim is to clean the chimney walls from any dirt, therefore raise and lower the brush, with your equipment there should be extendable rods so that you are able to get further into your chimney. This is one of the more popular cleaning methods as it doesn’t leave as much mess in your house to clean up. Consider marking off around your fireplace so the dirt and debris are contained to one area.

Rod Method, Bottom Up

This method is very similar to the rod method top down, however instead of being stood on your roof, you’re accessing the chimney from inside your home. As this method is a lot safer it is preferred, however, it can cause a lot of mess in your home. You need to ensure you have all safety equipment on your body (safety glasses etc.) and also ensure that all your flooring is covered with tarps.

Dual line method

This method requires two people. A rope is attached to both ends of your chimney brush. Then one person takes all the equipment onto the roof and drops it down via the chimney. You both then take it in turns to pull the rope, meaning that as you’re doing this the brush is cleaning the debris from inside the chimney walls. However, with this method, the person on the roof must be extra careful with what they’re doing for health and safety reasons.

See there are many ways you can clean your chimney. But if you’re seeking professional help here at Pearson Sweep we are the best chimney sweep in Manchester– so get in touch with us today!

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