The Importance of Fireplace Ventilation

Whether you use gas, wood or coal in order to fuel your fire, it is important that ventilation plays a key role. After all, you can place your family and property at risk without a high-quality system. Here at Pearson Sweep, we know that fire is no laughing matter which is why we have decided to go over a few reasons why fireplace ventilation is so important…

What is Ventilation?

By definition, ventilation is the provision of fresh air. It is important that a fireplace has access to a supply of air because this is how the oxygen that will allow your fire to thrive will enter your home. Usually, this is done by feeding a flue through the chimney which is either fixed in place to a stove or left open for use with an open fire.

Toxic Gas Removal

In addition to providing your fire with a fresh supply of oxygen, ventilation is also essential in order to remove toxic gases from your home. After all, when you burn your choice of fuel there are gases like carbon dioxide that are released as a bi-product. With a good system in place this carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere outside the home, however if you don’t invest in a professional or neglect the maintenance needs, your fireplace ventilation can start to fail, and the gases can remain inside the home.

Qualified Professionals

Ventilation is not only important if you want to have an efficient fire, it is essential for good respiratory health. After all, breathing in carbon dioxide can lead to toxicity and can actually increase your risk of heart disease. We recommend that you invest in a qualified professional to install your fireplace flue and ensure that the ventilation is satisfactory for use.

Here at Pearson Sweep, we recognise how overwhelming it can be for first time fireplace owners to take in every piece of information. After all, fire is always going to come with its risks. With this said, simply ensuring that you carry out regular maintenance, have your chimney swept on a regular basis and invest in high quality ventilation should help you avoid any nasty problems. To find out more information, get in contact with the best chimney sweep Manchester has to offer today!

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