Tips for an Energy Efficient Fireplace

With energy costs on the rise again, more and more people are looking at alternative solutions to heat their home and save money. With this said, they tend to forget that precious pennies are escaping through their fireplace – the biggest hole in the entire building. Luckily there are some solutions that can help make your fireplace more energy efficient and the team here at Pearson Sweep have decided to go through them…


A fireback is an iron cast plate that is installed at the very back of your fireplace and it works by preventing damage to the brick wall. In fact, it can also improve efficiency as cast iron is a type of metal so it will reflect the heat from the fire back into the room instead of allowing it to rise and exit through the chimney.

Glass Doors

As the most drastic solution to keep energy bills lower, installing glass doors around your chimney can be a great investment as they also ensure that children and pets are able to stay safe whilst the fireplace is in operation. At the same time they will also keep the heat contained in a way that allows you to reap the energy benefits as cold air cannot enter the home.


A top sealing damper completely replaces a throat damper and is installed on the exterior of the home in order to act like a seal. It works by allowing the dangerous gases to escape whilst simultaneously preventing the warmth from leaving and the cold from entering which means that your energy bills will be considerably lower.

Here at Pearson Sweep we understand how costly running a home can be which is why we want to ensure that your energy usage is as effective as it can possible be. In fact, having your chimney swept is the most important aspect of energy efficiency as it ensures that a creosote build-up is not preventing the gases from exiting your home. To find out more information, get in contact with the best chimney sweep in Manchester today!

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